Senior instructors and senior pupils of Keady Wadokai JKF  being presented with the Certificate of Direct Branch membership with the Japanese Wadokai by Sensei Ben Pollock JKF

Mission Statement

It is the aim of the Keady Karate Club to foster self-confidence,
self-defence and sport, through the dedicated practice of
Wado-kai Karate.

Karate practice is not limited by age or athletic ability and
many people of all age groups and abilities take part.

Respect and discipline are essential for the safe practice
of karate and therefore are encouraged in the club.

Our aim is to teach karate to the highest level, hence our motto

‘The pursuit of excellence’

To this end the club instructors train regularly with some
of the most senior masters and coaches in Japanese karate.

Each member of the club is encouraged to reach their full
potential. Like any sport / art, to play at the highest level
(black belt) demands dedication and perseverance and this
develops a ‘can–do’ attitude which carries over into all
aspects of life.

Wado-kai karate is recognised by the Japanese government
and is a department within the Ministry of Education in Japan.
It is also recognised by the International Olympic Committee
as a member of the World Karate Federation